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Batman v Superman: Avid4D Recut (inc. clips)

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice had so many great moments, but so many teeth grinding, cheesy and questionable story elements.

The studio release of the Ultimate Edition improved on the theatrical cut, but we didn't feel it was enough so we re-edited the entire movie from beginning to end, re-ordering scenes and making several other changes.

Batman v Superman: Avid4D Recut is first and foremost edited to be a true sequel to Man of Steel. It starts with the destruction of Metropolis and Bruce Wayne scrambling in the streets. There are no flashbacks of young Bruce and the death of his parents.

After the disaster of Metropolis we see what the world's reaction is to the Kryptonian alien living among us, with a small extra shot of Lex Luther during the news footage. This serves to introduce Luthor earlier in the movie, rather than have him appear later.

From this point on Batman v Superman: Avid4D Recut progresses the story more naturally than the theatrical release to introduce the Batman the same time as Clark Kent learns of him. To achieve this many scenes have been re-arranged to improve on story flow and character development as the studio version felt disjointed.

Many elements of the theatrical release have been trimmed or edited. Some of these scenes include Jessie Eisenberg's manic performance of Lex Luthor, the overly lengthy court hearing scene, the Jonathan Kent scene in the mountains, and the ridiculous "Martha" conversation toward the end of the movie.

Also no comic we have ever read set Metropolis and Gotham across the harbour from each other, so this has been changed.

In BvS Avid4D Recut, when Bruce unlocks Luthor's encrypted records the files now look like folders instead of superhero logos. There was no reason why Lex would have logos at this point, and Bruce now emails the files to Diana Prince immediately instead of later in the movie.

The Knightmare scenes have been retained, because Zack Snyder obviously had plans for later movies which these scenes allude to and we don't want to detach this movie from the overall movie arch.

Some scenes have been removed completely, such as Lois Lane nearly drowning. Various audio choices were also altered, like the bagpipes in the funeral scene. No one is Scottish in this movie so no bagpipes!

...and most importantly the "Martha" scene has been changed! In fact, you could say it has been removed entirely and events following occur for a different reason in the Avid4D version, but we're not showing you that one here!

Multiple post credit scenes have been added in BvS Avid4D Recut. These include scenes from from Justice League and Suicide Squad, so keep watching through the end credits!

Contact us to watch Batman v Superman Avid Recut.

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