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The Last Jedi (2017) Avid Edition

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The Last Jedi (Avid Edition)

We invested a lot of time editing Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. We wanted to restore the original vision for those movies, while only using the best parts of the Special Editions. This was a labor of love.

There has been an equal amount of time spent on The Last Jedi, but unfortunately this edit is not the same labor of love. This divisive movie needs much work. We are not fans of the theatrical release, and have spent a lot of time trying to make this movie "fit" in the Star Wars universe.

Some of the edits and changes completed so far are:

Remove the Episode number in the opening crawl (no Avid Star Wars edit has an episode number because we do not acknowledge the existance of the prequels)

Remove Poe "waiting on the line" for Genral Hux.

No Porgs, very little Caretakers, and a lot of awkward humour has been removed.

Luke no longer throws the Lightsaber over his shoulder. He now hands it back to Rey and walks off. Rey follows him holding the Lightsaber.

Added deleted scene of Luke in his hut on the island connecting via the Force to Leia.

In the scene where Kylo takes aim at Leia but hesitates and then Leia is fired upon by Kylo's wing men, he now fires at Leia and his wing men follow his lead. Leia is blown into the ship by the explosion and not sucked out into space. This allows us to remove the rediculous "Mary Poppins" Leia scene immediately after this sequence.

The Canto Bight sequence has been re-edited to feel more reminiscent of the cantina scene from the first Star Wars movie. Finn and Rose make it into the casino but their ship is destroyed while they are inside. This allows the complete removal of the Fathier chase scene and is enough to explain why they are on a different ship when they leave. The Fathiers look like they belong in The Neverending Story, not Star Wars!

Remove Rey clicking her fingers in the cave mirror scene. Remove Yoda laughing and cracking stupid jokes when he destroys the ancient Jedi texts.

These are just scratching the surface, as there are many more edits that we have executed. Contact us to watch The Last Jedi Avid Edition.

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