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The Rise Of Skywalker

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So I watched The Rise of Skywalker and have to say I enjoyed it. It "felt" like a Star Wars movie, which is something The Last Jedi failed at. Rise of Skywalker isn't the best Star Wars movie, but it was considerably better than The Last Jedi.

People seem to be losing their mind that J. J. Abrams gave Rian Johnson the bird, and negated much of what he setup in The Last Jedi. Good! I was glad to see that because Johnson ruined the franchise and is the single biggest reason why people continue to be decisive about Star Wars.

Despite what people tell you, this decisiveness is NOT a good thing. The Last Jedi was not creative. It was not daring or innovative. It was created by a guy who absolutely no regard for the franchise.

It is those reasons why Rise of Skywalker appears to have a lot of "fan service" when in actual fact it merely has what we expect to be in a Star Wars movie. End of story. If you defend The Last Jedi then you are NOT a Star Wars fan. Simple.

Having said that, there are some things I will be editing out of Rise of Skywalker once the blu-ray is released. I also want to go back to my Last Jedi edit and add a new visual in the cave scene when Rey sees her reflections when looking for answers about her parents. I want a hint in the Last Jedi about Palpatine, because this sudden introduction of Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker is a little jarring.

I will be removing the Kylo and Rey kiss, sorry just too cheesy, and I will also experiment to see if I can remove Rey's new healing power. I did not like this new power at all.

I am sure there will be more, but these things stuck out for me immediately while watching the Rise of Skywalker.

More to come...

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