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Aquaman (2018) Avid Recut

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

I was mostly satisfied with the 2018 theatrical release of Aquaman. It was a sensible telling of Arthur's history and childhood, while simultaneously not trying to ignore the events of Justice League.

It feels like it fits within the DC cinematic series (something I cannot say about Shazam - but that is another discussion)

The Recut has minor edits, including removal of the submarine sequence introducing Black Manta. This scene was used to introduce Aquaman in the Justice League: Avid Recut so it is no longer needed here. There is still mention of it early in the movie however, and a brief "recap" sequence was created (for those with short memories) when we now see Black Manta for the first time in this version.

Some of the cheesy humor has also been removed. While Arthur is not as serious as other heroes like Batman, some of the humour felt forced so it has been toned down a little.

Also toned down is the colour saturation. We get that director James Wan was reacting to some feedback that the DC movies were too dark, but I feel he went too far. We already have a bright and colourful Marvel world, and I don't need more of the same from DC. The Avid Recut still have James Wan's colour palatte, but toned down slightly.

The soundtrack has also been changed when the final credits start. The original song was very soft, so here I used the rock track, Icky Thump by The White Stripes, used in the Justice League trailer and promotions.

Contact us to watch the Aquaman Avid Recut Edit.

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