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Getaway: Recut by Avid

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Getaway is a car chase movie, so it was never going to win an Academy Award for best screenplay, but it does have some great driving scenes if you are a fan of fast cars!

Unfortunately it also has some of the worst cheesy dialogue, mostly by Salena Gomez who I'm sure the movie creators thought would be perfect as the annoying teen, so we don't entirely blame her for lines she was forced to deliver.

Getaway: Recut aims to trim unnecessary and cheesy dialogue to make the overall movie more watchable and enjoyable.

The excessive destruction has also been tamed down a little to make the action more realistic. In total there are over 30 cuts in this version of the movie, but despite the number of cuts Getaway: Recut has been shortened by only 4 mins.

Then there is what we consider to be the best scene in the film, and it is a homage to the classic 1970's short film, Le Rendezvous. This sequence has had a subtle effect added to make the viewer feel they are in the car with Ethan Hawke as this scene plays out. If you don't notice the effect then that is a good thing!

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