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Justice League Origins v1.2 (inc. trailer)

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Justice League Origins uses footage from Man of Steel, Batman Begins, Gotham, Green Lantern, Arrow and The Flash to create a linear story that follows five young boys and their journeys into adulthood where they become vigilantes or heroes.

The story starts with young Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, and then proceeds to introduce Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.

The entire movie is a platform to introduce these characters and an abundance of DC villains, so there is no single central story or villain, but if you are a DC fan you will love seeing your favorite characters make appearances throughout Justice League Origins.

The childhoods of the five protagonists share similar story elements, and these have been aligned to increase the impact of what these young boys endure growing up. In Justice League Origins you have the opportunity to see and compare how different characters handle similar circumstances, like school yard bullying.

Lots and lots of editing went into making Justice League Origins, including extensive audio and music editing. Multiple video formats have been put together to create one epic movie from the various films and TV shows and added music soundtracks from the original sources.

And more than any of our other Recut fan edits, Justice League Origins has multiple post credit scenes. You will need to sit all the way through to the end!

Contact us to watch Justice League Origins.

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