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Man of Steel: Recut v2

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Man Of Steel: Recut retells the story from Clark's perspective but maintains the gripping action. You watch him grow up with abilities no one can explain, and only learn the origins of his powers when he discovers them. To achieve this a complete re-ordering of scenes and audio was completed with simple transition effects used for flashbacks of Krypton.

Many small changes are made throughout the movie, including Zod's makes his global announcement to Earth. It was silly Zod's video image was distorted but his voice was clear, so a slight distortion was added to his voice to compliment what the transmission looks like. I removed some cheesy lines, and I also made some subtle edits in the Metropolis battle scene that include removing a couple collapsing buildings. However, complete carnage still remains! Version 2 of Man of Steel: Recut has some additional changes and fixes such as the entire movie has been given a slight colour correction so it now doesn't appear as grey as the theatrical release. I also used some zoom & pan effects to give the audience a better chance to notice the satellite in space has Wayne Enterprises labelled on it, and v2 now includes new closing credits with the Man of Steel logo and a reference to and a post credit scene from the sequel, Batman vs Superman. So make sure you keep watching!

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