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Suicide Squad: Extended Avid4D Recut v1.1

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Suicide Squad theatrical version? Yeah it was okay. Extended Cut? We enjoyed the extra scenes and they definitely helped, but we have made some additional changes though!

All the Extended Cut footage has been used in the Avid Recut, but some editing has been done to help the story flow a better. Suicide Squad now starts as a continuation and then side story of Batman v Superman to better link it to the DC Cinematic Universe. BvS is directly mentioned right at the beginning so we understand where this movie sits immediately.

The scenes of Deadshot and Harley Quinn in prison, which were originally at the start of the film, now follow after Amanda Waller's introduction to each character. This removes the sensation that these two characters are introduced twice, but without losing any footage.

Another similar change we made is when the Squad land in the chopper (or crash land!) to begin their mission. Originally Captain Boomerang convinces Slipknot the neck explosives are fake, who then tries to escape but is killed by Rick Flag by detonating Slipknot's charge. Immediately following this scene Harley Quinn then tries to rally more Squad members to escape. This didn't really make sense given they just watched one Squad member being killed, so the Extended Avid Recut changes this sequence to:

1. The Squad's chopper crash lands

2. Harley talks to Captain Boomerang about escaping

3. Captain Boomerang tries to rally various Squad members to escape

4. His last conversation is with Slipknot who runs and is killed

There was some criticism of the soundtrack in this movie, but honestly we enjoyed the music and it remains in the Extended Avid Recut. Visually the movie has a dark tone, so the soundtrack balances this out.


We've watched the Extended Avid Recut a couple more times now and determined some more trimming and adjustments were required.

The visions induced by Enchantress of "what you want" have all been removed as they had no relevance to the story, and many other edits have now also been made in order to move the creation of her weapon to later in the film. The theatrical release felt like it set up the big weapon so early in the movie and we were left waiting for ages before the Squad finally confronts it, so we feel making this change helps build the stakes and tension.

Some cheesy dialogue in numerous scenes has also been trimmed because it was making us grind our teeth! And a couple of scenes have been subtly edited to help improve the pace.

UPDATE: We have finished and think we have a much better version of the Suicide Squad. And we added some post credit scenes - as we usually do!

Contact us to watch Suicide Squad Extended Avid4D Recut.

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