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Star Wars: Rogue One v1.2 (with DeepFakes)

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

I attended the midnight screening, and loved so much about Rogue One! We were concerned it would overshadow the very first Star Wars movie (we refuse to call it Episode IV or New Hope) but it didn't. Rogue One complimented it almost perfectly - it's that good!

Does it need editing? Not really, but there are a couple of small things we are already intending to do to satisfy our OCD urges. The main thing we took away from the screening was we missed the crawl! It just felt lacking not having one immediately following "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

With an opening crawl added and the classic Star Wars music accompanying it, Rogue One now feels like a solid chapter in the Star Wars series.

Unfortunately the only other distraction in the movie was the use of digital characters to take the place of actors who were either no longer with us at the time of production, or needed a younger appearance (no spoilers here!)

With a little help from the internet, most scenes with these digital characters have been subtly replaced by much more natural looking deepfakes. They look so much better that you do not really notice while watching, which is the best compliment!

Contact us to watch Rogue One Avid Recut.

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