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The Mummy (2017) Avid4D Recut

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

So I saw the theatrical release of The Mummy and I thought it was okay!

They tried to introduce something new with the backstory on the burial place of Ahmanet, and Russel Crowe did a good job being a tormented Dr. Jekyll. You also see a hand of The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and a vampire skull.

Would I change anything? Yes, but more for fine tuning and bring the tone closer to a horror film rather than the action/comedy the theatrical release was. I want to be scared!

Click the movie poster to watch our Recut:

First change was to open the movie with the ancient story of Ahmanet. The Mummy soundtrack was used to assist with the removal of the voice over, because voice overs are juvenile in general! Without the voice over the events might not be immediately obvious, but they are explained later in the movie which will help to piece together what the viewer saw earlier, giving us a movie that makes you think a bit more.

There was some cheesy dialogue and most has been removed, and there is now less screen time to Sgt. Vail throughout the movie. In my opinion this character is an unsuccessful comic relief, and I want The Mummy to be a horror film. Sgt. Vail's voice has also been deepened after he dies to make him a little more shocking. The make up effects are brilliant but Vail still had the same voice at this point, so this change will help set the tone.

Unfortunately for Vail he was also removed from the end of the Avid Recut, as the theatrical release reached its highest point of cheesiness here. Hence, the end is slightly different and more serious.

Contact us to watch The Mummy Avid Recut.

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