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TRON (1982) Avid4D Daft Punk Remix

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

TRON (1982) Avid Remix

The original TRON from 1982 has always been one of my favourite sci-fi films. Ground breaking at the time, TRON pushed the limit in what Special Effects were possible for the day.

The computer used for animation sequences only had 2 MB of memory, and no more than 330 MB of storage! The result of so much hard work though was spectacular, and I never wanted to edit the movie in any way for many years.

That was until I saw the sequel, TRON Legacy, which in itself was not the greatest movie but I really enjoyed the soundtrack by dance producers Daft Punk. It got me thinking about the original TRON soundtrack. In comparison to TRON Legacy it sounded dated.

So I set myself the task of removing almost all of the original soundtrack in TRON and replacing it with the songs produced by Daft Punk from the sequel. I left the movie itself largely untouched, except for the new Disney intro at the beginning and a new added post credit scene added during the end credits.

Contact us to watch the full movie of TRON Avid4D Daft Punk Remix.

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