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King Kong 1976 Extended & Remastered

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

King Kong 1976 is a version of its time, but is an interesting watch now.

I feel this King Kong movie is largely forgotten, as most people will either think of the recent versions from Peter Jackson or the "Skull Island" Godzilla monsterverse, and purists refer to the original 1931 classic.

With this version set during the 70's fuel crisis era, the film makers made an obvious decision to modernise the story and use global issues brought on by the middle east taking more ownership of their oil reserves at the time.

The other notable element of Kong 76 is the featuring of the New York World Trade Center twin towers. When the original 1931 classic movie was made the Empire State Building was brand new and a symbol of American capitalism, and in producing the 1976 remake the WTC twin towers were also very new to the NY skyline.

The original runtime of King Kong 1976 was 2 hours and 14 minutes, but this extended cut runs for over 3 hours.

While film purists love the grain that old film stock produces I personally find it distracting, so I spent a month remastering this movie to reduce the grain but retain as much detail as possible. The biggest criticism purist have with this process is the "blurring" of the image, but I have tried to ensure clarity is maintained as much as possible.

Contact us to see King Kong 1976 Extended Cut.

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