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Thor: Love & Thunder Avid Edit

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

After the totally entertaining Thor: Ragnarok, anticipation was high for the follow up, Thor: Love & Thunder.

Unfortunately I felt this movie had too much forced humour, which made many of the jokes fall flat. There was also too much political correctness which just became a distraction and broke the story flow multiple times.

I wanted to keep some humour in Thor: Love & Thunder, as director Taika Waititi did such an amazing job presenting a Thor who was completely unaware how hilarious he was in Ragnarok.

It felt like Thor was self aware in Love & Thunder, so in an effort to make the humour land better many flat jokes have been removed. This helps the remaining jokes appear more random and reduce Thor's self awareness, and also helps to keep some of the more serious scenes remain thrilling without breaking the tone with misplaced humour.

The overall runtime has been reduce by approximately ten minutes - not a huge difference but it does help to tighten the pace of the movie.

Contact us to view the Avid Edit of Thor: Love & Thunder.

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