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Wonder Woman 84: Avid Recut

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The 2017 Wonder Woman movie was a great superhero movie. It wasn't perfect, but in my opinion it could stand on its own as a very entertaining example of a comic book brought to life.

So, I was highly anticipating the sequel, Wonder Woman 84, and while it is also very entertaining there were some issues I had with the story. The Avid Recut of Wonder Woman 84 looks to resolve some of these issues where ever possible.

I get the director, Patty Jenkins, has established herself as a powerhouse Hollywood film maker, but I don't need "girl power" smacked in my face when I purposely watch a movie about a female superhero.

I have already accepted Wonder Woman is powerful, like many of my other favourite female heroins like Sigourney Weavour in Aliens, Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Hence, a couple of small, cheesy shots like the winking at the little girl in the shopping centre have been removed.

While on the topic of children, most of the scenes with Max Lord's son have been trimmed. We get it, Max loves his son, but the ending of this version has been changed (more into that later) so we don't need all the backstory of his son.

One thing that is in the comics which has never sat well with me is Wonder Woman's invisible jet. I'm sorry I just find it lame, so she does not make the stolen jet invisible in this version. Wonder Woman does not have invisible jets in Batman v Superman or Justice League, which take place several decades after the time WW84 is set, so it makes no sense she does this here.

Another ability that Wonder Woman does not have in BvS or Justice League is flying. While there are some comics where Wonder Woman uses air currents to help her fly, I have removed it completely in this version for the sake of continuity. Sorry, it's out!

Finally the biggest issue I have with the theatrical release is the ending when everyone around the world relinquishes their wishes. With all the greed, profit driven corporations and ruthlessness across all levels of society, this conclusion is completely ridiculous, fanciful and unrealistic even for a comic book superhero movie. In the Avid Recut everyone loses their wishes unwillingly, resetting the world back to normal.

Contact us to see the Avid Recut of Wonder Woman 1984.

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